Customer Overview ✨

Customers on Woodcore are your end-users, they can be Individual customers or Corporate customers that make use of your product. The first point of entry in banking is to get customer information and can also be called CIF, AKA (customer information file).


Classic Example

Think of Mark as an individual customer, single signatory to an account.


Customers can be created in an Pending or Active state.

In an attempt to create a customer for the first time, it is optional to create a deposit account for the customer on the go!. i.e., You can create a customer, a deposit account and block the deposit account from making transactions until KYC requirements are met.


Take note of the clientType. It is useful in specifying the kind type of customer, either an individual or corporate customer.


  1. You can enter either: firstname, middlename,lastname - for an individual (middlename is optional) OR
    fullname - for a business or corporate body (or person known by one name).

  2. If address is enabled (_isAddressEnabled=true), then the customer's address can be created following specified parameters for the customer. To enable address on the WoodCore console, go to Configuration —> Utilities —> Configuration —> Enable-Address.

  3. You can configure a client's tierLevel right from when a client is created on the WoodCore console or via APIs.