Create Customer

Create an Individual or corporate customer profile on Woodcore.



  1. This endpoint can be used to create both an individual and corporate type of customer, all that is needed to do is change the parameter clientType to either individual or corporate.
  2. For an individual customer, the parameter gender must be passed in the body of the request specifying as either male or female.
  3. You create an account without including the productId while the createDepositAccount is false . The productId should only be included when you set createDepositAccount to true.

Common Validations

  • If _isActive parameter is false, a deposit account will not be created for the customer.
  • The date format is specified as **dd MMMM yyyy**, e.g., "10 January 2023", for all parameters that require dates.
  • if resourceId is returned when savingsId is not returned, a deposit account was not created therefore, the resourceId in that case will be the same as clientId

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