Woodcore provides organizations with an interactive tellers console (UI) that enables tellers to execute a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Perform deposits and withdrawals on customers' accounts.
  • View opening and closing balances.
  • Send and receive requests from various personnel.
  • Send journal post requests and;
  • Download tills reports.

The teller user is created under the teller module in your organization’s console, as described in the Creating a Teller section. On the teller console, tellers have access to the following features:


The dashboard contains teller financial information such as the total opening and closing balance, which is the total amount available in the teller till, the total daily debit and credit incurred, and analytical data metrics. Tellers can also download their daily till reports from the dashboard by clicking the “Download Till Report” button at the right side of the screen.

Download Teller till report on the dashboard

Download Teller till report on the dashboard


In the transaction section, tellers can perform deposits and withdrawals on a customer's account based on the configuration limit; the daily transaction limit, and the withdrawal limit which is set by the teller manager. These configuration limits determine how the teller processes transactions on the console.

A teller can also view their transaction history by clicking on the “View all Transactions” button on the Transaction page.


One of the core features of the teller UI is that it allows a teller to send and receive cash requests, which are approved by the teller manager. These requests may include requests to buy or sell cash from a cashier or vault and requests to send journal postings to the teller manager.

Let’s dive into understanding how a teller is created and how to use a teller console! 😎