IP Whitelisting



Please note that this feature is only allowed on our API

A whitelist is a security strategy that approves a list of user requests, IP addresses, domain names or applications, while denying all others.

Security specialists in the IT industry use whitelist as a way to protect and safeguard computers and networks from potential harmful threats and attacks.

Security is Important

Woodcore is sophisticated, and complex to a large extent. Our system provides access to core financial services and functionality to several customers in both the financial and non-financial institutions.

Security is paramount and It is therefore necessary to be protected from potential attacks, threats, and harmful usage of data that could cause losses to data and securities on our platform.

IP Whitelisting

We have an IP whitelisting mechanism on our platform, alongside several other security measures to protect our data and customer data from these potential threats.

To whitelist an IP, simply provide the IP address that's to be associated with your user details. Also, simply follow this steps:

Setting Up

For existing API keys

  1. Add the IP to be whitelisted using this endpoint
  2. Receive an email or SMS OTP to approve the request
  3. Call this endpoint with the OTP to approve the request
  4. To confirm the update, call the key profile endpoint to view the whitelisted IP
  5. Proceed with your request

For New API Keys

  1. Add the IP you want to whitelist to the standard payload. Example —{'ips': ''} API Reference



  1. Ensure the user that the key will be attached to has an email address
  2. You can only add a single IP per API key