Search Transaction Entries

The search entries function allows you to view the recorded entries that have been generated as a result of transactions, including debit and credit transactions, on various ledgers. You can retrieve and review the specific entries related to your desired criteria, including timeframe, office, account name or code, type of entries, transfer ID, and reference number. By using this feature, you can easily track and analyze the financial transactions recorded across different ledger accounts.

In addition, Woodcore allows you to limit your search to either automatic/system entries or manual entries, or both entries.

As shown below:

Search Journal Entries

Search Journal Entries

To perform the journal entries search, enter the following details:

  • Office - This is the office you wish to search the journal entries from the drop-down.
  • Account Name/Code: Select a specific ledger account to perform the search.
  • Customer Name/ID: Enter the customer’s name or customer ID. This will search for the specific customer's transactions
  • Filter: You have the option to filter your search for journal entries based on their type: automated, manual, or selecting "all" to search through all types of journal entries.
  • Date: Select a start and end search date.
  • Transfer ID: Each transaction on Woodcore has a transaction ID. Check the ledger details on a deposit transaction to view the transaction ID.
  • (Optional)Reference Number - Enter the reference number associated with the account.