Report Overview

Introduction to Reports on Woodcore.

The Reports module provides comprehensive data on various financial activities and transactions within your organization. This includes data generated from savings, loans, fixed deposits, customer accounts, and general organizational activities to enable you to analyze and monitor your customer and financial activities effectively.

In addition to customer and financial activity reports, Woodcore offers regulatory reports to enable you to adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Woodcore reports are categorized based on their types for easy access to the desired information. The available categories include customers, finances, loans, organization, regulatory reports, etc.


Woodcore reports are generated in Excel (.XLSX) format

Also, you have the flexibility to select a Start and End date for the report generation and a specific office in which the data would be spooled. You can select either a parent or child office. Where a parent office is selected, for example, head office, the system collates data from child offices under the parent office.

In the next section, we will discuss the report categories on Woodcore. If you have questions with regard to generating reports for your organization, kindly contact our support team.