Organization Report

Woodcore provides you with a complete report of organizational data of your organization. You can filter the data to enable you to view the category you wish to access.

Generate Organization Report

On the organization report page, you can generate reports based on categories of the organization's information. This information includes:

  • Daily Transaction Report

The Daily Transaction Report contains an overview of all incoming and outgoing transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loan repayment and disbursal, and any other financial activities carried out in a savings account within a specified period. In addition, each transaction within the report is accompanied by a transaction narration providing more information and context for each financial activity.

  • Current Account Balance (CABAL)

The CABAL report offers real-time balance information on customers' accounts managed by the selected account officer. All customer's accounts under the specific account officer are generated, along with their respective balances as of the chosen date.

  • Officer Profitability

The Officer Profitability Report provides data on the total profits earned by each account managed by the selected account officer. This includes profits generated from various sources, including interest earned, income, and other interest paid to customers.

  • Profitability Summary Report

The Profitability Summary Report provides data on the total profits earned by ALL accounts in your organization. This includes profits generated from various sources, including interest earned, income, and other interest paid to customers.

  • Billing Report

The billing report contains an overview of the charges an organization incurs for each account created within an account type. The generated data contained in the reports include:

  • Account Types: This lists the different types of accounts, including, loan, savings, and fixed deposit accounts, created on a specific tenant.
  • Account Rate: For each account created within the tenant, the report displays the corresponding charge rate.
  • Total Account Count: This includes the total number of accounts under each account type.
  • Bill Calculation: The report calculates the total bill by multiplying the number of accounts for each type (e.g., savings accounts) by the respective rate per account.

For example, where 250 savings accounts were created within a tenant, and the rate per account is N30. The bill calculation can be derived by simply multiplying the number of savings accounts (250) by the rate per account (N30), resulting in a total of N7500.

Note: Only accounts that were active for a minimum of one day during the duration of the report will be included in the report. In other words, accounts that had no activity within the billing period will not be considered in the report.

To generate any of these reports, select the report you want to generate.

Overview of Organization Report

Overview of Organization Report

Organization reports are also filtered by other information such as the start date the report should begin, the end date, and the office from which the report is derived.

Generating Daily Transaction Report

Generating Daily Transaction Report

Woodcore only supports .xlsx

Click on the “Run Report” button to generate the report. As soon as your report is generated, you will receive a pop-up notification.

Note that you are required to download your report within five minutes. A five-minute period is allowed before the report expires.