Managing Customers

Modify customers information on the console

This page guides you through the different ways you can manage your customers on the console.

Search Customer

The search box has been configured to make it easier to get a customer's account details by allowing you to perform search queries. You can search for a customer using the customer’s name, account number, and external ID.

Note: The "Account Number" here refers to the Customer Information File (CIF) number, which is a unique system-generated identification number assigned to each customer in your organization.

Input the search word correctly in the search box as shown below:

Customer search.

Customer search.

Manage customer portfolio.

You can also view and manage your customer's account portfolio on the customer module. The customer's portfolio contains an overview of all the financial accounts a customer has in your organization, including savings, loan, and fixed deposit accounts. This portfolio gives you access to all the information about the customer, the number of accounts a customer has, and which of your financial product the customer utilizes.

Here is a sample of a customer portfolio.


Customer portfolio

Updating Customers

Woodcore provides an easy way to update your customer's information whenever you need to using the update feature.

Here are the steps to follow to update or modify a customer on the console:

  • Click on the customer you wish to update their account information.
  • Next, navigate to the right side of the page and click on the Profile section. Update the field you want to make changes to and click on the Submit button.
Update customer's information

Update customer information

Assign/Unassign Staff

In addition to the update feature, you can assign and unassign a staff to a customer. When creating a customer, an employee within your organization is to be assigned to that customer. This employee will be responsible for managing the client's accounts based on the roles and permission of the employee. In an instance where no staff or employee is assigned to a customer during the customer creation, this can be done subsequently.

To assign a staff, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Profile section on the customer’s details page.
  • Click on the Options button at the right side of the screen.
Customer profile page

Customer profile page

  • Select Assign Staff from the option.
Assign Staff

Assign Staff

  • A modal would be displayed. Select a staff from the dropdown.
Select staff to be assigned

Select staff to be assigned

Additionally, an assigned staff can also be unassigned.

Unassign a staff

Unassign a staff

Once these changes are made, the dashboard containing all customers will automatically be updated to reflect the update.

Data Table on Customer Profile

Data table is an effective and flexible feature added by Woodcore to enable organizations to create fields that are specific to their organizational business needs but are not provided on the console by default. These custom fields can be created to enable you to add customer information which are necessary but is not provided on the console by default.

For example, where a customer's information requires a unique or extra field such as Bank Verification Number (BVN), next of kin, etc., that is not available on the console by default. These fields can be added to the customer's profile from the data table list.

Note that the additional fields (data table) must first be created under the data table section.

To update customer's extra fields:

  1. On the customer's profile page, click on the second icon.

  1. Navigate to the Data Table List and click on the extra field you wish to add.
Updating customer's extra field.

Updating customer's extra field.

Edit Tier

When creating a customer, each customer is assigned a tier. Tiers are created to set withdrawal limits for each customer. See more on creating tiers in the Setup and configuration page

In an instance where you need to update a customer's tier to a higher or lower withdrawal limit, the Edit tier button allows you to carry out this process.

To edit a customers tier:

  • Click on the "Edit tier" button.
Edit a customer tier

Edit a customer tier

  • Select the new tier level and click the submit button to update.
Edit a customer tier

Edit a customer tier