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Welcome to the Woodcore Product Guide!

This guide is essential for anyone who intends to use Woodcore from a developer perspective to an account officer or compliance officer in an organization. We have provided all the necessary information on how Woodcore works; think of it as a valuable resource for understanding and getting the most out of Woodcore's features and APIs.

Getting Started with Woodcore

Woodcore is an innovative cloud-based core banking infrastructure designed to empower financial institutions and payment service providers with a robust platform and tools they need to build and manage a wide range of financial products to suit their business requirements and customers' needs.

With our service, financial institutions can easily create and manage their financial product offerings which require banking operations such as deposits, customer onboarding, loans, payment processes, income and account management, and other financial requirements. Thereby serving as the backbone for financial institutions' operations.

Our full suite of products, comprehensive APIs, users console, and third-party integration products allow for fast, flexible implementation that can help you speed up your go-to-market strategy and rapidly scale to keep pace with today’s market demands.

Let's get started and see what amazing products you can build with Woodcore!

💡 Take a look at some of our common use cases for ideas on what you can build with Woodcore.

Who can use Woodcore?

Woodcore is exclusively for registered organizations or businesses building any product that requires banking capabilities. Your organization does not have to be a licensed bank to integrate Woodcore. An individual running a sole entrepreneurial business that is registered can use Woodcore for its banking operations.

Woodcore Usage

There are two major ways users can access and integrate our service. These include:

  • The Woodcore console(UI)

The Woodcore console is an interactive core banking user interface where organizations can set up, monitor, and manage their daily banking operations. The console provides a single source of information for all transactions and customer data allowing your organization to provide efficient services to their customers. With the console, you do not have to build your banking application interface from scratch, you can configure and customize the console to suit your banking needs.

  • The Woodcore APIs.

Woodcore provides a wide range of APIs to able you to carry out fully fletched banking operations. Users who have access to the APIs can perform a variety of operation, which includes, customer creation, customer account creation, loan, deposits, system configuration, etc. We have made available a well-detailed and concise API reference that provides, the endpoints, authorization, and configuration required for you to get started with the Woodcore APIs.

There are certain operations on the system which require the use of both the API and the console such as the generation of API keys. The Woodcore API key is generated on the console and used by the API for authentication. See the User Module for more information.


We place security and access to the console at a high value. To access the console, Woodcore requires an authentication process in place using an authenticator application. Ensure you have the Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or any other authenticator application.


Authentication code

The authentication code expires after 30 seconds.

We'll discuss more on authentication in the Onboarding page.


Stay updated on every additional feature and update that takes place on our system through our monthly Product Changelogs.


Get in touch with us! 💙

There are several channels by which you can reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions.

By Email 📩

To get in touch with our support team, please email [email protected].

Please be sure to:

  • Use a descriptive email subject.
  • Provide any necessary context. For example, "We were trying to create a new loan product when...."
  • Provide as much information as possible, such as account or transaction IDs, what browser you are using, screenshots, the full body of your API requests including headers, and so forth.
  • An HTTP traffic log can be extremely useful.

Slack 📣

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