Employee Management

An employee is a staff member in your organization who may or may not be a user. That is, an employee may not have access to the Woodcore console or API.

For example, John is a security attendant in your organization. John can be added as an employee within the employee module. However, John's daily task does not require access to either of the Woodcore systems; therefore, he does not have to be created as a user.

Most often, the essence of the employee module is to enable you to have a directory containing every employee in your organization. The details entered for each employee will be automatically used to create a user during user creation. This is specifically for employees who will be granted access to the Woodcore system (console and API).

To add an employee, follow these steps:

  • In the console, navigate to the Users > Employee mgt tab.
  • Click on the New User button.
Creating a new employee

Creating a new employee

  • You will be directed to a create employee form.
Employee creation form

Employee creation form

Enter the following details:

  • Profile image(optional): Upload a profile image of the employee.
  • Office Select the organization branch of the employee works from the drop-down list.
  • Name: Enter the first name and last name of the employee.
  • Loan officer: Click the check box to add the employee as a loan officer. When creating a customer loan, an employee who has been added as a loan officer can be assigned to the account.
  • Status: Select from the list to enable or disable an employee. This will either make the employee active or inactive.
  • Mobile number: Enter the mobile number of the employee.
  • Date joined: Lastly, select the date joined.

Click the Submit button to create an employee.