Customer Report

Woodcore provides you with a comprehensive customer data report for your organization. You can filter the data to be generated using a start and end date for easy access to specific data within your desired timeframe.

Generating a Customer report

The customer report page allows you to generate reports according to four categories of customers. Which include:

  • Active customers: This includes customers whose accounts have been in active use for a specific period of time.
  • Inactive customers: These are customers whose accounts have been without transaction or activity for a period exceeding 365 days.
  • Customers with loan accounts: These are customers who own loan accounts within your organization.
  • Overdraft accounts: These are customers with accounts that allow withdrawing more than the actual balance on the account. Also known as an Overdraft account.

Choose the category for which you want to receive reports.

Overview of Customer Reports

Overview of Customer Reports

In addition to the customer category, customer reports are filtered by the Office. Reports are also generated according to the office you wish to receive the reports from.

  • Enter the following information:
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Office

Woodcore only supports .xlsx format.

Click on the “Run Report” button to generate the report. Next, you will receive a pop-up notification that your report is being generated.

Generating customer reports

Generating customer reports

Note that a five-minute period is allowed for download before the report expires. You are required to download your report within this time frame.