Teller Request

The Request section of the console enables a teller to perform the following functions:

  • Send a request to buy or sell cash from the vault or a cashier.
  • Send journal posting requests.
  • Receive requests from other tellers.

These requests must be approved by the teller manager or cashier before they are processed.



Withdrawals beyond a teller's withdrawal limit are automatically forwarded to the manager.

Send Request

Where a teller has in their teller till an amount beyond their teller limit, the teller can send a request to sell to a cashier or vault. The request is received by the teller manager, who reviews the request and either accepts or declines the request. The teller cannot process the transaction until it is approved by the manager.

Also, where a teller intends to make a withdrawal above the amount available in the teller till. The teller can send a request to buy from a cashier or vault.

To send a request:

  • On the Requests page, navigate to the Send request section.
  • Enter the following information
  1. Amount: The amount you wish to buy or sell

  2. Personnel: Select the person or location to which the request should be sent.

    i. Vault: Teller managers approve vault requests.

    ii. Cashier: A request sent to the cashier requires approval from the cashier.

    iii. Journal posting: A journal posting request is received and approved by the teller manager.

  3. Action type: Select the request type.

  4. Request Note: Add a request description.

  • Once this is completed click on the “Submit” button.
Sending a request to vault

Sending a request to Vault

Received request

The Received requests section displays requests sent to a cashier awaiting the cashier’s (teller) approval or rejection action. If the request is approved by the teller, the transaction will be processed in real-time.

Received request section

Received request section

Request History

Tellers can view the history of all requests sent and received on the teller console.

To view requests history:

  • On the Request page, click on the “Requests History” button at the right side of the screen.
View Request History

View Request History

  • You will be directed to a page containing a complete list of all requests.
Teller's Request History

Teller's Request History