Creating a User

As earlier stated, a "user” is an employee within your organization who has access to the Woodcore API or console. A user can be created by anyone within your organization whose role and permissions enables them to create one.


Note that

Before creating a user:

  • You must ensure that you have roles and permissions set up.
  • The user must already exist as an employee (staff) on the system. That is, the user should first be created as an employee.

To create a user, follow these steps:

  • On the console, navigate to the Users > Users & API mgt tab.
  • Click on the New User button.
Create a new user

Create a new user

  • You will be directed to a user creation form.
User creation form

User creation form

Enter the following details

  • Office: Select the office branch of the user.
  • Staff: A staff is an employee within your organization. Remember, the user must first be created as an employee(staff) with their data existing on the system. Therefore once a staff is selected from the list of employees, the system will automatically populate their information from the existing employee records. This information includes:
    • The employee's first name
    • Last name
    • Email

See the Employee section for more information on creating an employee.

  • Username: Enter a username for the newly created user. The user will be required to log in using the registered username.
  • Access: Woodcore has two access types, programmatic access, and console access. The programmatic access gives the user access to the API using an API key which can be generated for the user, while the console access enables users access to the console (UI).
  • Role: Select the role(s) of the user. Note that a user can have more than one role. It is important that the roles are created before the user creation process.
  • Once this information is completed, click the Submit button to create a new user.

After successfully creating the user, a confirmation email will be sent to the new user, containing the user's account information such as their username, account ID, and a secure link to set up their user password. Click on the link to set your password and gain access to your console account.