Explore Woodcore authentication system

As earlier discussed in the onboarding section, Woodcore uses multi-factor authentication (MFA), also known as 2FA, for its security system. This authentication provides an additional layer of security for systems and software devices that both require users to log in and perform some actions.

Ensure you have an authenticator application (Woodcore supports Google Authenticator, Authy and Microsoft Authenticator) on your mobile device ahead of time so that you do not encounter any issues while logging in. You can get the application by going to the app store of your android or iOS device. It is safe, secure and used by enterprise companies across the world.
You would need this app whenever you want to log in to your console.

Setting up


Completed Onboarding ...

At this stage, we are assuming you have successfully been onboarded using this guide here

Login section

Navigate to the console URL and enter the required details. Click on the login button to move to the next page.


Login page

Enter One-time password (OTP)

Once, your login credentials are valid. You will be directed to scan a QR code displayed on your screen. The QR code should be scanned on the authenticator app.

Scan barcode

Scan the barcode using Authy, Google Auth, or Microsoft Auth.

Next, you will also receive an OTP on the authenticator app. Enter the OTP on your console.


OTP on Google Authenticator


Authentication code

The authentication code expires after 30 seconds.

Congratulations! — You are in 🎉

You can now able to access your dashboard!


Please refer to the API reference