May 2023

Welcome to the May Edition of the Woodcore Changelogs! We are excited to share with you the latest updates and rollouts on the Woodcore ecosystem. Over the past month, we worked on implementing numerous improvements and bug fixes with the goal of enhancing your experience and streamlining your processes.

April 2023

Welcome to the April Edition of Woodcore Monthly Changelogs! We are excited to provide you with a summary of all the updates and additions that have been implemented in our system over the past month.

March 2023

Hello! Welcome to the March edition of the Woodcore Changelogs! As always, we are excited to bring you up to speed with the latest features, updates, and fixes added to the system. The past month has been eventful for us, with many exciting updates that we cannot wait to share with you in this edition.

February 2023

Welcome to the February edition of the Woodcore monthly product update! Our ecosystem is constantly evolving, and as usual, we want to keep you informed of every change, update, and fixes that have taken place in our system in the month of February.

January 2023

Hello and happy new year!! In this edition of our monthly product updates, we'll be informing you about updates that happened in the month of December 2022 and January 2023. A sneak peek into these updates shows improvements in the Account to Journal Entries Currency Selection, Daily Transaction Report, and new implementations to the CBN Report. Kindly read on to get all the details!!

November 2022

Hello and welcome to the November edition of our monthly product updates 🚀🚀. In this edition, we'll be going a step further by informing you about the changes that happened over our APIs in line with our product updates. We've made major improvements in the Loan Repayment & Disbursal Types and also implemented a major upgrade to the CBN Report. Read on to get all the details!!

October 2022

Exciting additions and improvements have been made to the Woodcore product ecosystem such as Viewing and Creating Loan Guarantors, Viewing all of a teller's transaction history and we also worked more importantly on role selection for newly created users to safeguard you better, and lots more!!.

September 2022

For the month of September, we worked on quite a lot of updates to make your experience better and your processes more seamless. Some of the most important features that were added or updated include the Account Officer Profitability Report, View Customer's Mandate & Account Balance from the Teller's Interface, and much more updates on our Teller module.

August 2022

These updates are our most recent rollouts for the month of August 2022!!e We pushed updates and new features including Creating and Updating an Accounting Rule, Adding an Accounting Rule to a Teller, Restructuring of the Journal Entry Bulk Import Template, and many more.

July 2022

📌 Exciting news!! We have some critical updates on the Woodcore SAAS banking system that we'd like to share with you!! Most important update of this issue is that we have a brand new user interface!!!!! Exciting right?? Read on to learn more about other updates!!